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Video analytics & compliance software house

Our People, Experience and Expertise Make Facit Different

Video analytics & compliance software house Facit Data Systems is a knowledge company that specialises in video data analytics and CCTV redaction videos.

Facit Data Systems produce rigorously tested software that is intuitive to use that generates reliable, accurate and actionable data. Their senior management team combines academic rigour with many years of in depth knowledge to help people in retail, banking, the public sector and other high footfall venues to deliver superior customer experiences and operational efficiencies.

Their success and innovative roadmap are supported by an in-house software development team of 12 people.

Meet the team

Video analytics & compliance software house - Get to know the people behind Facit.
Video analytics and compliance software house

Waqas Hassan

Managing Director & Technical Lead

Waqas Hassan is a forward-thinking, strategic and innovation-driven, information technology leader with 8+ years of experience in designing and developing computer vision & image processing algorithms / applications for security, surveillance and retail analytics products. He is focused on transforming the in-store retail industry and consumer experience by providing real-time metrics and measuring all aspects of the on-site retail shopping experience, staff engagement and customer-centred business operations to enhance the buying process, revitalize store operations and improve product offerings to compete against big-box online commerce conglomerates within an ever-changing business landscape.

Video analytics and compliance software house

Chris Selwood

Sales Director

Chris has nearly 20 years of experience delivering front line queue management and people counting solutions for international brands. Delivering solutions to organisations in Public, Finance, Retail and Health. Building long term partnerships with customers delivering real value to their organisations

Video analytics & Compliance Software

Video data analytics software


Facit IdentityCloak provides affordable speedy in-house auto video redaction for GDPR compliance.

Video data analytics software


Facit PeopleCounter provides a precise measure of footfall in retail stores and high footfall venues.

Video data analytics software


Facit QueueManager auto-calculates the occupancy level at retail tills and venue check outs.

Video data analytics software


Facit HeatMap identifies hot spots of activity in public spaces providing you with actionable data.

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Operators in retail, finance, the public sector and many other high footfall venues know their business, their products, their stores/venues and their customers/visitors, but are always hungry for more business intelligence to track customer behaviour and build greater operational efficiencies. Facit can help.